Review: Ridge Street Audio Designs Symphonia Master Interconnect

Category: Cables

These are by far the best interconnect cable i have used, they blow away the Kimber KCAG, i listen to Rock,Jazz and World music. Clarity and detail are the aspects of sound i value the most.Fuzzy one dimensional audio are a turn off.
I have listened to these cables for one month they replaced the Kimber KCAG. I'm using all tube gear,SF Line 1 to Rogue 120 monos so silver cable was the way to go. The sound is grain free,low level detail is impressive and these cables put the sound mix in proper perspective. Huge soundstage the lows are quick and thight the mids and the highs are clear and not confused. To me the sound is just right not to warm and not to forward, their tonal balance with tubes is near neutral with solid state it might be tipped slightly forward. A killer cable with no apperent weaknesses and a excellent value for the money.

Associated gear
Sonic Frontiers Line 1 to Rogue Monoblocks

Similar products
DH Labs BL-1,Cardas Quadlink 5 c,JPS Superconductor,Kimber cable KCAG.
I too have had great success with the Sympnonias'.I have since also purchased the new Midnight Silvers and the Rsa Reference , which I enjoy dearly. These are a great addition to my system.
Hi Jejell.
We are most pleased that you are enjoying the Symphonia Master.
Your comments are most gracious and I wanted to personally say thank you(!) for affirming our vision.

Robert C.Schult / Ridge Street Audio Designs