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Cables are 10 feet long, branded as Mogami 3082 wire, and mine have bananas on both ends. They have about 30 hours of burn-in time on them.

Discs/Tracks Used for Evaluation:
1) "Tron Legacy" (Blu-Ray DVD): entire disc
2) "Divertimenti" by Trondheim Solistene (2L Blu-Ray music disc): entire disc
3) "Into the Labyrinth" by Dead Can Dance (MFSL/LP): "Yulunga (Spirit Dance)," "The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove," and "The Wind that Shakes the Barley"
4) "Narada Collection 3" (CD): "City Lights/Western Sky" and "Homeland"
5) "The Mask and the Mirror" by Loreena McKennitt (CD): "The Mystic's Dream" and "The Bonny Swans"
6) "Famous Blue Raincoat" by Jennifer Warnes (CD): "First We Take Manhattan" and "Bird on a Wire"
7) "The Well" by Jennifer Warnes (CD): "The Well"
8) "Running on Empty" by Jackson Browne (DVD-A): "Running on Empty" and "Love Needs a Heart"

• They do not seem to have changed much in character during burn-in although once or twice during the first couple of hours I heard what could be described as a "spitting" sound on treble transients – almost like a white noise overload coming through the speakers.
• Neutral, well-balanced with no part of the frequency spectrum emphasized.
• Good extension at both ends of the spectrum with an articulate bass that lays a solid, sometimes explosive foundation.
• Starts from a fairly black background with clear initial transient, excellent sustain and natural decay.
• Mids are nicely detailed without being sterile but not what I'd describe as "warm" either.
• Treble is clean, cymbals shimmer, bells ring clearly.
• Low level detail is very good.
• Good ambience and sound staging, that may border on being very good.
• More dynamic than the Magnan Signatures I also use.

In summary, they do most things very well, with nothing either blemishing their performance or what I'd call extraordinary. In that sense, I think, they reveal their basic neutrality. In the final analysis, with all the usual caveats regarding system and room dependence (and the fact that these are specifically intended for electrostatic speakers), personal preferences, etc., I was quite pleased with the cables and I'm keeping them.

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