Review: Shanling T100 CD Player

Category: Digital

After letting everything warm up for twenty min. I sat down for my first experience to the Shanling T100 tube cd player, previously I owned an AMC 8b cd player, a fair to middlin' player, but certainly better than the a basic $150 player from Sony, and a good used buy at $110-120.
My first selection was Sade's Love Deluxe and immediately noticed a fairly distinct soundstage, meaning a broad stage with good distinction in terms of vocal and instrumental separation. I will say that the background was not quite black. A friend of mine has the equally new Jolida modded by Graham, and I have played it in my system and must say hotrodded, it is slightly better in some areas, one being a completely moonless background, but then again this Cd player does not have HDCD capability nor the the switchable ability between the solid state and tube sound!
Asthetically this is the most beautiful cd player I have ever seen, and it is true that it is even more beautiful in person. The one price for this beauty is the necessity to touch this player with the white gloves provided, with the mirror gold plating, brushed aluminum, and anodized finish, it shows every fingerprint and speck of dust, but like a woman who is too banging for her own good, you just need to pamper her to keep you satisfied. I also listened to Pink floyd, and think any of their music, but partcularly the later stuff, is a great test cd because it is well recorded
and is very complex in nature, essientially takes place for other people's classical recording test cd's and once again the Shanling showed itself to be very musical and warm.
In the end, I think the Shanling is as rare as a beautiful woman with a good heart, it begs to be pampered (polished constantly and upgraded), which I intend to do through modwright,price 1k,and in the end has alot to offer to improve the quality of your musical life and deserves a really high end amp stand to be isolated by itself.
And on those special nights, that blue moon glow of the cd platter with two candle lights on each side(the tubes) makes a perfect relaxed setting for you and the beautiful girl with a good heart to set the tone for the rest of the night.

Associated gear
norh Se-18
vandersteen 2c
sonic labs bl 1 series II interconnects