Review: Soliloquy 5.2 Speaker

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I have found this web site to be very informative, so I thought I would add some info.

I have owned these speakers for about a seven, and had nothing but
pleasure from them.

A quick discription:
They are a thin floor stander with everthing (soundwise), but extra
deep bass. They are very efficent and easy to drive. The speaker contains a 1"
Scanspeak silk dome and 5 1/2" Vifa coated paper woofer. Two reasons that this speaker is so easy to drive, and sounds so great, is that it is a tuned-pipe enclosure and has a very simple external crossover with oil caps.

The sound of these speakers can be phenominal with the recording, but still
musical with a bad recording. They lack any grain in the treble and go
sufficiently low in the bass (~30hz in my room). The mids are very smooth and
detailed. There have been so many times in the past year or so that I have stayed up too late listening to music, because they play music so well. They
can get the timbres just right on solo piano, and rock to a fat bass line.

One of the thing I love about this speaker is I can hear every time I make
a change in my system. Even if it is just a tube, cable, or some isolation feet. I really feel that the 5.2's are a transprent yet musically satisfying speaker.

By the way these were designed by Dennis Had of Cary Audio Design for use with tube amps. I have heard them W/O tubes and all of the positives stay.

Associated gear
linn lp-12 rb300 elys
naim cd 3.5
audio note m-zero
Cary sla70 silver sig. 30w class A
onkyo t-9 tuner
kimber and nordost cables

Similar products
linn, bw, paradigm, nht, sonus faber, ariel, vandersteen, proac, and spendor
What is the price for these speakers used?
How they compare to Proac, Vandersteen, Spendor and Paradigm(you can state particular models you used)?
How large is your room?
hard to find used, but i would say around $1,000 to $1200.

these speakers sound remarkably like the proacs (2.5, 2 and 1s) and the spendors (sp-100, sp 1/2), except they were alot less expensive. they are more truthful to the music. they just sound right. the vandys (model 3) were to tonally dark, and the paradigm (ref studio 100) to bottom heavy and loose.

my room is 26 x 18 with the speaker along the 18 wall.

i forgot to mention that my phono preamp is a naim headline with flatcap.


Looking to try to acquire the Soliloquy 5.2. Just missed a pair, 2nd in line.
Any idea's or suggestions.


sorry i did not see your post from august. i have just moved and i am thinking about selling them. right now i am using my home brew fostex 206e speakers in my main system. if you are still interested i'll contact you when i make up my mind.