Review: Sony SCD-333ES CD Player

Category: Digital

To my suprise, it delivers extremely detail sounds.
It has a fairly good bult-in DAC even for CDs.

SACDs sound wonderful on this player. They deliver a very nice soundstage. The music really comes alive. I played some jazz, female vocalists, and pop music. The result was very the best I heard. Dianna Krall sounds wonderful using this player.

This is a great player if you want a decent CD player with SACD capability. A great buy for anything less than 1K.

Weakness: It doesn't have a detachable power cord so you can't upgrade it. I believe you can send to some website online to mod this unit (change the power supply, etc.) and will dramatically improve the sound quality.

Strength: A very affordable price. I bought this unit for 500 at a local store because it is a discontinued model.

Associated gear
Sonic Frontiers SFL1 Preamp
SFS 40 Power Amp
Magneplanar MG12

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