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Wow!.. The Stage III Vacuum Reference IC's By Artistic Audio ( are absolutely out of this World.These are truly the best cables around for realism and dynamics, anybody who wants to hear the BEST Of The BEST, this is it!. These IC's make my system sing, I can not believe how much difference the Vacuum Reference makes in my System, The Vacuum Reference opened up a whole new dimension in sound that I never knew existed, I was Amazed!, I've tried many IC's for the past three years, none of them came even close to the Vacuum Reference, for real! I have owned the....... AudioQuest Extreme Diamond, AQ Amazon, AQ Anaconda, MIT Oracle V2.1, Transparent Reference XL and many more. The Vacuum Reference has a way of allowing the finest details in the music to come through while sounding utterly natural, Noise floor has been completely removed due to the VACUUM DIELECTRIC CORE, This is what's so SPECIAL about these Cables.

My musical tastes is Smooth Jazz, Latin Jazz, Salsa, Merengue, Rap&Hip Hop, Dance, R&B.

I used for this test, Best of Rick Braun track#3 "Hollywood/Vine" and Paquito D'Rivera Tropicana Nights SACD version WOW! AWESOME imaging, totally breath-taking...

The Vacuum Reference has been in my system for few days now, and let me tell you, it getting better and better. My last IC for life! My next up grade going to be the Stage III Concepts Vacuum Reference Speaker Cable and the Stage III Concepts HeighLiner power cord.

strengths, Harmonic truth with lifelike dynamics!, Phenomenal sound stage, Liqui mids, Smooth highs, Tremendous bass.

weaknesses, Don't think so. None

The Vacuum Reference are fabulous value for the money, these are killer interconnects that won't make a hole on your wallet. I highly recommend you give them a try, you won't bee disappointed. Brian is very professional, and very helpful.

Happy Listening!

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sorry I forgot to Add the Specs for the Vacuum Reference:

Pure silver/gold continuous cast ribbon conductors (99.999%Ag / 24K Au).
Ultra low mass, solderless, solid silver RCA plugs.
All signal-carrying parts (wire and connectors) cryogenically treated to
optimize crystal structure.
Multi-layered construction with vacuum core as final dielectric (vacuum
drawn to 28.5"Hg).
Fine silica granule mechanical dampening layer.
Cable and plug housings made from inert, non-resonant blend of carbon
fiber/nylon filled urethane.
Non-reactive Mylar shield.
Made entirely by hand in the U.S.A.

My Apologies.