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After trying the brass cones from Starsound, I talked to Robert who seemed to be very knowledgeable about the effects of vibrations on audio systems. He told me that the brass cones were a very good value, and were a starting point for many audiophiles.He then said that the stands from Sistrum would offer a huge improvement over the cones.I was really impressed with the cones and how they improved every aspect of the system, from micro& macro dynamics and soundstaging.
Well I was a little skeptical since a huge improvement is quite a claim compared to what I was hearing from my system. So I took the challenge and tried the Sistrum 101 platform that is the top of the line product from the Starsound line up. If you have ever tried a really good power cord then you know what a fundemental change that it can make in ones system. A fundemental change was achieved with the 101 in under the Wadia 8 transport since refining your source signal is the place to begin if you are going to hear a change. I was stunned at what was revealed by the Sistrum 101 stand in how it gleened information from recordings that simply was not there before!! It made the music sound so alive and real that images took on a huge dimensional quality. Well, I am humbled that a stand could allow music to flow so freely with no harshness or change for the worse. I was so impressed that I bought stands for each component and speakers as well.The speaker stands blew me away with dynamics and allowed them to play louder and more effortlessly than I thought possible!! Every aspect of the sound from the bass to the midrange to the treble improved, giving a smoothness that could only be called more natural.
I am a total beleiver in what the Sistrum stands do for ones system, they are equal to a massive update to every component in ones system.They allow information to be passed at an unsurpassed level that also has changed two of my fellow audiophlies into converts of Sistrum 101's.If you have the bread then go for the stands, but if your on a budget then just try the Audiopoint for a excellent tweak that will change the way one listens to music. Take care and good listening Dennis

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I started with the Audiopoints brass cones under all equipment and speakers. This tightened up the bass as well as improving on the soundstaging as well as microdynamics.
Glad to hear from another happy Starsound customer. I've raved for years about their products, particulary their speakers. Well, finally, their speakers are being reviewed by, after Srajan heard them (and had a tympanic freakout) at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Starsound employs their direct coupling principles into the Caravelles and their dedicated stands, as well. enjoy...peace, warren
My experience was/is simular to yours. I am completely blown away how the Sistrum SP-101 has elevated the sound in my system. I put it under my Pass X350.5 amp and it just brought my amp to a whole new level. I was listening to Dave Matthews "Live in Chicargo" playing "All Along The Watchtower" and every instrument on stage e.g. sax, keyboards, drums, acoustic guitar felt like a live performance. What I mean by that is in a recording studio instruments are not played as aggressively as a live performance with the band feeding of the energy of the crowd. However that aggressive energy is not always brought out in a live recording and to me you miss the whole point of a live recording. Well on this particular song I felt that way until I received the Star Technologies Sistrum SP-101. Now that energy which was missing is present.
I just received this today and after a few hours this was my experience. After a few more hours of listening I will give more details of my experience with the Sistrum.
I was talking to a fellow Agoner today on the phone and he told me a friend of his put the Sistrum SP-101 under his VAC amp and was amazed at the results it produced.

I want to thank you for the post you left in some threads here concerning Star Technologies. That convinced me to call Robert and experience the dramatic improvements I am now hearing in my system.

I am in no way affiliated with Star Technologies or it's employees.
Ditto, I have the speaker stands, and the sistrum racks for my amps and all of my front end. Musical, with dynamics and greater resolution. This stuff is the real deal. And you get a money back guarantee. I have VAC PHI equipment and also the Caravelle speakers (also offered by starsound), which are fantastic. More audiophiles should try this stuff.

The speakers are simply awesome and I have owned some nice brands over the last 18 years (Maggies, spendor, diapason - adamante). These are definitely "keepers" and will stay in my system for a long time. Feel free to email for questions.
Well I am glad to see that I am not alone in how I percieved the changes that occured in my system.It seems as though Irish65 and Scotty333 as well as WarrenH are all in agreement about the changes they heard.Thanks guys for confirming that grounding vibrations away from the system can make such a natural musical sound. Take care and good listenig Dennis
I use the Sistrum Platforms under my Rogue M-120 Monoblocks. They really help with my amp speed especially since I use KT 88's. They really help in discipating vibration, as we all know that is a bad side effect. Also the Science is correct as far as I'm concerned, it' make since to provide a ground for friction energy.

Capt Kentucky
I just added the Sistrum SP-101 under my Threhsold T400 amps and echo the same experiences here.

They are not just beautiful but also extremely effective. After receiving them, putting them together was a breeze! First I installed one in my left monoblock and run the system just like that. Immediately I notice a difference in the balance of the sound. The sound was slightly shifted to the left! I was not sure if it was my imagination but while I was listening my wife came into the room. I need to tell you she is not an audiophile and constantly tells me that she can not recognize the difference in the sound between a transistor radio and my reference system. Well, as soon as she got in the room and listen to the music she said "This side sounds louder honey". First I was impressed that she was able to identify the difference and second she pointed exactly to the effect of the SP-101.

After that little test I placed the second platform under my right monoblock. Voila! Like magic the soundstage got immediately centered and balanced. After letting the amplifiers warm up a bit I started doing some listening. At the beginning I thought I lost some bass in the system but putting more attention to the sound I realized what disappeared was the boominess. The bass was still there but in a more pure form. Tight, clean and clear. I played some of the selections I know well have deep and nice bass and got amazed of the sound. All that boominess that sometimes we call bass was gone and now I have deep, clean and tight low notes coming out of my B&W 801 Matrix S3 (with Sound Anchor stands over Audiopoints).

The effect of the SP-101 was not only in the bass area but also in the mid range and high frequencies. The mid range got very focused and clear and the high frequencies got very pure and well defined. The total sound stage got very holographic. Even in an old recording like "Killing me softly" from Roberta Flack the separation of the instruments and the holographic presentation of the soundstage was incredible. I have never hear that recording like that!!

I really don't understand all the scientific explanation of why your products work in that way but for sure my ears can tell me the DO WORK! I

I am right there with you. The bass is not boomy but precise and tight as you mentioned. What is amazing about the SP-101 is that I already had a setup under my amp. I have the Mapleshades 4" amp stand with heavy footers and triplepoints under the amp. As good as they were the Sistrum SP-101 wiped the floor with it. I was scratching my head and saying to myself "How can this be?" I do not fully understand the science behind the Sistrum Sp-101, but I know it took my amp to another level that I am just grooving on.
I am taking this another step further and putting the Sistrums under my Thiels. I cannot wait to hear what that will sound like.
Put Sistrum under everything in your system. And while you're at it, try their Sonoran Plateau speaker cables. Incredible. They are constructed utilizing the same coupling principles as the Sistrum products. Man, wait 'til you hear their speakers! Takes greatness to a whole other level.....
I talked to a fellow Agoner last week on the phone and he mentioned a friend who had the Star Technology monitors and he said they were absolutely incredible. This says alot to me since he has the Wilson Maxx speakers in his system.

I have the Sonoran Plateau IC and speaker cables in my system and really enjoy them. I have heard great things about their PC and will try them eventually.

Warrenh what is your take on the Sonoran PC.