Review: Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 SE AC filter

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I listen to a lot of different music. Clasic rock, jazz, classical, blues, new age. When I test for performance of a system ALL the venues must be portrayed well. This is a difficult task. Concord recording lables are outstanding for quality performances and have stellar recording quality. Telarc, Delos, Mapleshade do a great job on classical music. I have become particular about sound quality. Focus, speed, texture, tonal correctness, sound stage, layering all need to be there to remotely give you the sense of realism. But one thing that will rob you of the emotion the most, is the loss of dynamics. Power conditioners are a mixed bag... some good things some bad! Conditioners may remove haze or electonic smear and brittle highs but then seem to dull the dynamics. The quest for a conditioner that could do it all was fleeting to me! The AC regenerator seemed to make the most improvement with not too many drawbacks on the dynamics. I have Krell amps and have always wondered what it would be like if they to could recieve conditioned ac? This is highly discouraged by Krell warning that conditioners will actually kill a Krell. Then enters the Synergistic Research Powercell 10SE. At first I used it only on the transport,dac,and preamp. Woo hoo!! It is rare to find a product that does what it is claimed to be able to do. Let me tell you ,what a realization! The improvement was spectacular. I know you may think that I exagerate. Not hardly. At this point I began to sweat. Could this thing be used on my Krell? Carefully I shut down the system and attached the Krells to the powercell 10SE. This can't be, the amps had more way..yes way. One outlet,only one feeding the conditioner. Darn there is no way this can be happening! Then after the shock of improved dynamics came the thought, listen to those highs. They were pristine, crystal clear like the clearest diamond. The bass, how can this be. The bass was fast, tight, articulate, tunefull, what can I say it whas just shocking! This was one of the best discoveries I have had in the last 10 years. Don't hesitate, just know this, the only other thing that got me this improvement was the Tripoint Troy. Back to the PowerCell 10 SE. I am so glad to have found this gem. It is a lot of fun. The more things you plug into it the more it performs. Kind of like a turbo on an exotic sports, car it likes to be pushed!Every once in a while there comes along a great product, this is one of them.

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