Review: Tangent Ampster BT Hi-Fi Amplifier

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine
April 2019 Edition

Tangent Ampster BT Hi-Fi Amplifier

Tangent is a small company from Denmark founded in 1996 that produces a wide spectrum of audio products. One such product,  and the one i will be reviewing today, is the Ampster BT mini amplifier. Lucky for us , this amp is on sale at Parts Connexxion for just under $145 USD. Don't mistake this for just another wimpy class D amp. The little Ampster has balls! 2 x 50 watts to be exact. And it sounds like it! The Ampster also has other qualities that elevates its status into the hi-fi camp. The imaging, in particular, seems to be better than what i am used to hearing. The highs are exactly the way i like them, slightly tube-like. 

Reference CD's

The Best Of The Fixx, The Millennium Collection
The Best Of The Kool And The Gang The Millennium Collection
Kenny Dorham Quintet Matador 

"Stand Or Fall", from the Fixx cd showed me exactly what the Ampster is capable of in the bass department. The bass was deep and punchy and that was with tiny Teac speakers that have a 4 inch bass driver on high end speaker stands. Very impressive performance. Vocal clarity, another strong point with this amp, was very very good. Detail retrieval was very good also. At the beginning of the song you can hear the audience clapping and whistling in the background. The sound was pretty crisp and sharp. 

While listening to "Celebration" ,   by Kool And The Gang i noticed that the bass had kind of a dense thump to it. The vocal clarity on this song is also notable. Switching to track number six, "Hollywood Swinging" , i would say the Ampster also has good levels of musicality.

"El Matador", from the Kenny Dorham Quintet shows a tight bass with the sound of bass energy  in the background. The highs were just slightly crisp sounding. 

The Tangent Ampster is the best inexpensive class D amp i have tried. It is powerful and has excellent build quality. This little powerhouse weighs in at almost 4 pounds. If you are looking for a compact, powerful and well built amp , i would highly recommend the Tangent Ampster. 

Associated Equipment 

Teac speakers 
Target speaker stands
Audioquest Type 2 speaker cable
Belden Stereo interconnect
Harman Kardon DVD25