Review: Tenor Audio TA-301 Gold Snake Interconnect

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Budget esoterica review magazine
July 2013 issue

The perfect interconnect

What is the perfect audio interconnect? I believe that the perfect audio interconnect has no sound of its own. It is perfectly neutral without any colorations or manipulation of the sound. It should deliver a full and pure signal. Does the perfect interconnect exist? It does , and the budget esoterica reference team is going to serve it to you on a silver platter.

Larry and sue rushed into my office and started raving about how they have found , "the perfect interconnect". Larry says to me, "Mr. Johnson", I have found an excellent interconnect that sells on an ebay store for only $22.00. By the way, my name is not "Mr. Johnson", but I will be using this code name for security purposes.

The Tenor audio TA-301 audio interconnect is available from an online overseas ebay store that is called, "Primeamp store". It is made from 4 nines copper wire and is sold in a 1 meter length. The rca connectors have a real quality feel to them , and the build quality is excellent. The most notable traits of this bargain interconnect is the purity, smoothness, and neutrality. The primeamp store has named this interconnect, "the gold snake".

Larry and sue brought a few of their favorite cd,s over to the listening studio so we could give you a better grasp of the qualities of the "gold snake". Larry is a big fan of the group "The Who". The BBC sessions cd has a track titled, "the good's gone". We noticed good detail, excellent neutrality, very good dynamics, and reduced distortion. The sound was stable, and had slightly rounded drums. We also were impressed with the good vocal clarity, and solid highs that had a slight chromium silver sound.

Sue loves listening to Boz Scaggs and silk degrees is one of her favorites. Track number five, "harbor lights", showed good depth and reduced noise. The vocals had a unique smooth, subtle and flowing sound. Boz Scaggs voice was very natural and full sounding. The drums were well defined with a pretty good kick to them.

For jazz fans, larry picked out an excellent recording by Clifford Brown and Max Roach on the verve master edition label. Track number two titled, "Parisian thoroughfare", showcased the very smooth sound of these budget interconnects. The sound was fast and detailed with spot-on neutrality. Horns had a slight brassiness to them. The highs were silvery with a slightly polished sound.
The tonal color was pretty good.


very nice build quality
dead neutral
very good dynamics
good tonal color
very good musicality
slightly rounded sound
reduced distortion
open and lively presentation
very smooth
fast and detailed

If you like your music served straight up with a neutral , organic, and pure presentation , I suggest you give these excellent and very reasonably priced interconnects a try. Highly recommended by the budget esoterica reference team, and our official budget interconnect choice! Mr. Johnson has the left the building ...........

Associated gear
Arcam 8r integrated amp/aucharm fuse
tara labs prism power cord
Gallo Acoustics speaker cable
Denon DVD-2500
Paradigm atom version 3 speakers
paradigm stands

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