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great product -
i use these cables for movie sounndtracks as well as music across the board from jazz to rock, connecting my receiver (which is used only as a pre-pro) to my stratos stereo amp and carver multichannel amp (5 channels total). detail and clarity are important to me, as well as imaging. these cables improved my sound across the board, especially in those 2 categories. i've used top of the line monster cable, straightwire chorus, and cheap radioshack interconnects, so it isn't much of a surprise that these cables improved my sound to the extent they did. they brought much improved detail, especially at low volumes. i noticed that when there was no sound, my system was dead silent, possibly b/c these are well shielded cables. these cables are well broken in - been using for 3-4 months. they also have excellent locking rca plugs - very tightly locking, which once set up properly are great. however....

the only weakness to this cable is its rigidity. it is not a floppy cable, as it has a solid aluminum core. getting these puppies set up is tough. they must be configured into place before locking the plugs. without exactly the right length, you need to figure out what to do with the extra cable. it does NOT just hang - it remains where ever you bend it. other than setup, they have no other weaknesses.

i can't really say that if money was no object i'd still own these, b/c money is an issue, and i haven't truly audtioned any cost no object cables in my system. but for the money - excellent value.

Associated gear
odyssey stratos, pioneer dvd, acurus 3x100, carver av-405, denon avr3300

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I auditioned these interconnects about a year or two ago. My equipment at the time consisted of a Roksan Caspian CD Player, B&K Reference 10 Pre/Pro, B&K AV6000 6-ch. power amp, and Paradigm Reference Studio 60 loudspeakers. I tried them between both source/pre and pre/power. In most respects they were good interconnects. Clean detailed sound with a good top-end. But they seemed to accentuate the bass too much. Compared to Wireworld Equinox III+, AudioQuest Viper, and Home Grown Audio Super Silver I felt they took last place. Cables are system dependent and these are my observations using my system YMMV.