Review: Thor Monoblocks by Merrill Audio

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The Merrill Audio THOR mono blocks were among most engaging and sonically flawless power amplifiers I have had in my system to date. At $4000, they are the real deal, and come equipped with costly performance enhancements no manufacturer I know of is offering at this price point. The $12,000 Veritas monos get you more power, and perhaps improved dynamics, but for those with smaller spaces and reasonably efficient speakers, the THORs are just the ticket.

The THORs offer a clean window into the music and are completely free of mechanical or electronic artifacts. They are incredibly low noise, and this contributes to their rock solid imaging and sense of space. The Merrill THORs are a bargain for what they bring to the table. Special mention goes to the excellent ANAP cables provided by Merrill as well. I have no doubt they helped extract the very best performance out of the THORs.

These amplifiers are a must audition.

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