Review: Tyler Acoustics Highland H4's Monitor

Category: Speakers

I'll start by saying that Tyler ("Ty") Lashbrook of Tyler Acoustics is the owner and the person who hand builds the speakers is a great guy to talk and work with. We talk a few times before I bought the H4's. I told him what type of sound I was looking for and what I expected out of a loudspeaker and he recommended his H4's. He was right on with his recommendation. The Highland line is his premium line of speakers. He use's Scanspeak premium drivers in this line. The sound of the speakers is exactly what I wanted. A very detailed and extended top end without harsh or brightness that gets to you after awhile. The midrange is open, silky smooth and also very detailed. The soundstage these speakers produce is huge it goes wall to wall, it's real deep and tall the speakers just disappear. The bass goes deep for a monitor 40Hz in my room and is well defined. The size of this cabinet obviously has something to do with it. Build quality and fit & finish are first rate. These speakers and stands are gorgeous as you can see by the pictures. Ty does a wonderful job and takes great pride in building his speakers. I couldn't be happier.

Thanks Ty

Associated gear
Ayre Acoustics, MIT cables and power cords and a Furman power conditioner.

Thank you for posting this review. Tyler's speakers are rarely reviewed professionally and difficult to demo because of the nature of the company direct business.  Still they have the appeal of a component list that is hard to ignore, great build quality, many options of veneers, competitive pricing, and good customer service. 1st hand reviews like this are very helpful with so many options on the audio landscape.

I am curious as it has been almost a year since you posted this, if you have any more input you could add. Pros, Cons, strengths, weaknesses, etc... Also, would you, or anyone else with experience listening to any speakers in the Highland product line care to compare them to other speakers you have owned. This would help me identify a bit more of the sound characteristics of these as all speakers have them.  ANY informed impressions would be very helpful to this (and probably others) potential customer.