Review: Van Den Hul Orchid Interconnect

Category: Cables

Just picked up a pair of VDH Orchid's - 0.8m length RCA connectors. I am using them between my Njoe Tjoeb 4000 and my Sugden A21a. I was recently using DNM reson cable and enjoyed it immensely - seemed like a real budget beater, a very full, well rounded and detailed cable.
I ended up buying an older DAC to convert airtunes to audio so needed a new set of IC's - after a little reading decided to go after the Orchid's and connected them to my NT4000 the DNM's now doing duty on the DAC.
I have to say that this cable gives astonishing detail, presence, huge soundstage and has done what no other cable could do in my system - give a most noticeable bight on rock tracks.
I have been searching for a new set of speakers that would give my Sugden the ability to play raw - the A21a is a very smooth player and I enjoy almost every genre of music through it but my odd penchant for metal often fell short - it just lacks that solid state grit for riffing.
I put on AC/DC's 'Powerage' and right away it sounded like new speakers - Wow! These IC's have solved the riddle.
Everything else sounds more studio like in the right sense - vocals are far more present and clearly placed.
My one little beef is that some of the bass is now so tight and transparent that I don't find it fills the room the same.
I own 2 pairs of VDH Integration Hybrid IC's - one pair that I had terminated with Eichmann bullet plugs. I use the bullet plug version in between my phono preamp and the Sugden - the difference with the Eichmann's was a substantial improvement and something I will probably do on the Orchid's - I can't imagine how good they will be then.
I did try them from my phono to amp and was not as happy - while they opened up the bandwidth I noticed a fair bit more high end crackle and not as much depth in the bass - the Integration Hybrid's are a perfect match for my Rega P25 and Musicmaker III cart. Maybe the bullet plugs will remedy this - I will have to get back on that.
Thanks for the review. I seriously considered the Orchid between my TT and integrated before settling on the Integration. I'm very happy with the sound and thanks to your review there's support for my belief that I made the right choice.
Thanks for the review. Which version of the Eichmanns did you end up using on the Integrations, the copper or silver?
I'm also trying out the Orchids for my TT - did you try reterminating this cable as well?