Review: VeraStarr Ultra reference full range 10ft. Speaker cable

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I felt compelled to start a thread on mike powell's great products, hopefully others will add their thoughts to the verastarr category soon as well. Please read my review of verastarr's interconnects for the full details, suffice it to say much greater headroom/soundstage, and I had to turn down the volume around 10-20% lower. The design of the speaker cable is as follows: 6 18-gauge conducters are individually wrapped in teflon, the a silver coated copper shield is used to wrap those 6 conducters, then there is another coat of teflon on top of the silver coated shield. The pair of bundles (12 18-gauge conducters total, one bundle per direction) are then wrapped in nylon. The simple reason these cables excell so well is mike's attention to thoroughness by having each conducter individually teflon'd, as well as the shield and outer layer of teflon just to be safe. This simple thoroughness is where verastarr products most likely beat cables twice the price. Great product, very thorough design, nice guy, great price.

Associated gear
proceed cdp, jolida 202a modded by parts connexion, verastarr ic's and speaker cables, klipsch la-scala and heresy's.

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On Mike's Verastarr ultra reference 10 ft. speaker cables, the highs are crystal clear, the midrange with vocals are just like the singers are singing in my room, with a big soundstage, and the bass is beautiful.