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I purchased a pair of Harmonic Technology Magic in January and was wondering how my previous reference cable the XLO signature would compare and purchased a pair of signature cables used for $250. Straight out of the package even though the signature wasn't used previously it was no contest especially in the bass the signature seemed to have another octave lower bass extension and considerably more weight and definition,the midrange is much more transparent compared to the harmonic cable which has a veiled sound kind of like a fog where you can't see or hear through clearly in this case. Their wasn't any sonic parameter in which the XLOwasn't superior to the harmonic cable. I'd assumed cables had been improved in the last ten years and the signature was completely obsolete by now. I was totally wrong.
I really liked the XLO SIGNATURE 1 IC so wanted to hear the new signature 2. They look practically identical the signature 1 had been burned in on a cooker and used thoroughly putting the signature 2 straight out of the Box onto the system wasn't expecting to hear a improvement but did on the first notes it was clearly superior. Cooking really works quite well making this a bigger change than I thought they would be. Was expecting a 5% improvement its more like a 10% + improvement. Every parameter was improved in the series 2. The upper bass has the most change its more energetic now the highes are more extended and airy also while still not sounding bright or etched and its little more transparent overall the mid range presence is little better also. always wondering just how lean my Nordost SPM speaker cables were recently compared them with XLOUNLIMITED speaker cables which are simply better than the Nordost SPM. The XLO Unlimited has considerably more upper bass energy and definition,more very low level details and doesn't have the brightness in lower treble the SPM is noted to have. Hearing considerable things in recording I didn't know was present. The SPM is deleting information your amplifier is sending to the speakers. Recently purchased unlimited Interconnects they are much like the speaker cables the upper bass is very full bodied has very good definition the dynamics are much improved over the signature 1 and 2 the low level detail is amazing also hearing things I had never heard before on tracks I played hundreds of times before.

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