Reviews of $10k plus ics, speaker wires, and pcs

Do you think reviewers should do such cables? What about $30k plus components?
I'm not sure that the top 1% gives 2 shites about high end audio. They're too busy having fun and getting laid. It's probably more of the poor saps that can't afford it that spend the time and energy reading about it and lusting after $10K ICs. There are probably a few wealthy customers that want "the best" and have their local high-end store set them up with a pair of Wilson XLFs and MIT cables, but I would guess most of them just have their mansions set up with expensive home theatre and in-wall bullshit wiring. IMO
I don't think it's a bad idea to review the cutting edge of high end stuff, but the only purpose that I see is to keep the writers informed of what is and isn't state of the art.

Often times, the bleeding edge bleeds down to the stuff I can afford.
Do you think car mags should review Ferrari's, Lambo's, MacLaren's and other megabuck stuff, or just Chrysler 200's and Ford Fusions?
If manufactures don’t peruse state of the art (SOTA) how are we going to get advancements and ultimately trickle down technology into more affordable equipment?

Sometimes these SOTA pieces are merely a glimpse into future mainstream products. Just take a look at the advancement of 3D printing has made in recent years.
Timrhu, you have got to remember how long I've been at this hobby. When I started no one gave any thought to speaker wires, power cords, isolation from vibrations, racks etc. I still remember buying Bob Fulton's speaker wires that were a prescribed length and looked identical to welding cables, I had used. The length was determined by whether babbons at the zoo heeded a warning call. I thought they were ridiculously expensive. Also the Decca London was too expensive but good at $150@.

I do wonder if the top 1% having 61% of the wealth is at the root of all of this.