Revox B750MKII or Accuphase E-202

Hi there,

Anyone have actual experience with these two vintage integrateds? I am considering purchasing one or the other, and would like to know how the sound, how they compare, and if there is anything especially risky about either one (hard to match with speakers or other components, QC issues, impossible to find parts, etc.)

I am moving from a Naim Nait3, and looking for something different sounding. A lateral move is OK, so long as it is satisfying and interesting.

The appeal of these two units is that they promise great value for $ (if they are reliable), especially since they both have MM and variable MC stages, so I won't have to fork out for separates of one, the other, or both.

But I am not absolutely committed to vintage, nor to dual phono stages.

How about Sugden AU41pre and power? Anything else? Wise words requested.

i am a collector of both brands and have experience with both since the 1970's. the b750 or b250 are sonically neutral. revox favors no frequency. both are also built like tanks. the b750 has more 'conventional' controls and is a bit harder to find. the accuphase 202 on the otherhand is a bit more powerful. build quality is also superb. the phono stage of both revox models throws a bigger stage than the E202 or the phono stage in the accuphase c200 pre. both as you know are not only flexible, but sound superior to phono amps up into the thousands of dollars. the performance of the revox would favorably compare to integrateds in the 4k to 5k range....and they skip out on a phonoboard(except mac). both these brands are proof that the 'minimalist' is as much about cutting corners than perfecting real high fidelity. they accurately play music of any catagory, and pair well with any but the most power mad speakers. my AR classic 30's(which bearly get off the ground with my mc275, sing with either. by a 'phono'finish ..the revox is the real deal in either model. have fun