Dear friends has anyone on the forum tried these cables on their setup opinions will be appreciated planning to use them with Pilium Integrated and Audio Solution Virtuoso M speakers. 


Wow. Never heard of any of those things except for the Audio Solutions. 

I have never heard them myself, I was just saying that I have heard of the brand.

OePhi cables are the best cables I have used in my system during my 17 years in hifi.  They are like nothing else on the market.  My advice is to try before you buy something else.  I myself use oephi reference in my system.

@jasbirnandra - I had not heard of either of these cable companies until reading your post, but I have looked at the related web sites of both companies

In the past 12-15 years I have had a lot of experience trying various cable geometries insulations and wire types on my own system.

Based on that experience I would have to say that the OwPhi cables looks as though they have taken those things I consider as good cable design into consideration like...

  • cable geometry
  • conductor metals
  • conductor insulations

Whilst the RiCables use excellent quality wires, their cable geometries are not as advanced as the OePhi cables and therefore I do not believe they would not possess the clarity, details and expansive and lifelike image that you would probably experience with the OePhi cables

Of the two, I would opt for the OePhi brand.

Other cables you might find well suited to your system are

Good luck with your quest - Steve