Rich sounding line conditioners?

I currently have a Monster HTS3600 and a Brick Wall AUD15 in the house. The Brick Wall made a wonderfully detailed and palpable 3D sound, but took away the warmth from the system. So I demoed a Monster 3600 which also added detail and also took away some of the warmth of the system.

BTW, between the two I find the Brick Wall sounds more natural and less "electronic" than the Monster - though I can see where the Monster would be pretty nice in the right system.

As someone who's always trying to get the analog sound with a digital system, I'm wondering which line conditioners err on the side of richness, sonority, warmth etc.

I've heard the Sunyata Hydra can have that characteristic and was wondering if there were other recommendations?


BTW, I have an all Cary HT system - Cary Pre/pro, 5 channel amp, and even Cary Silver Oak III Speakers.
The Transparent Powerisolator line offers something "beyond just MOVs". They utilize an avalanche- diode design which serves the same purpose as an MOV, but the avalanche-diode is faster, about a thousand times faster, measuring in picoseconds. MOVs are measured in nanoseconds.
Any experience with the PS Audio Ultimate Outlet? From what I've read most conditioners take some warmth from the system for whatever else they may add. Since the UO is stated just to condition upper end frequencies, maybe it would keep the warmth in the lower freqs?
I have tried several, I think about 8 or more and the best by far is the one I have now and hope to keep. The BPT 3.5 Plus. It even made my tuner tune better, honest. If money is a factor I would go with the UO, as already said from PS Audio. For the money they are great and do wonders with ground loops which not many can do. Randy
I am happy to hear positive notes on PS Audio UO .I just bought one high current version and waiting for it's arrival.