Right angle IEC power cable

Hi guys,

I am looking for a good power cable with right angle IEC to switch to a Mark Levinson preamp.

Do you know something interesting "terminated" in the market?

I saw some old PSAUDIO XSTREAM Radian but maybe I am looking for a better quality cable.

You will have a very hard time finding power cords with right angle IEC plugs. Perhaps your best bet is to use an adapter that will help any regular cord fit your ML gear. Good luck.
I have a Cardas Golden PC that I ordered through a dealer and they only charged like 20.00 more to do it. I would think most companies would accommodate you.
Really difficult to find one.

G. Cardas helped me and recommended me Schurter -electronic components company-. I am going to write them asking for these kind of connectors.
There is a Wattgate part that you use with their regular IEC part to do what you want. I use them on a couple of mono blocks that are a little big for the shelf they sit on to allow them to be pushed back an inch or so. Defiantly a DIY thing. Take Five Audio, RAM Electronics and Parts Express are doing custom cables these days. Maybe give them a call.
Audience does provide right angle power plug upgrades ($75 for both ends), I ordered some for one of my systems as the space is tight behind the rack. They fits very snug as well as a side effect.
Audioquest has well made right angle IEC adapters in both directions...they work well, and aren't expensive.