Rigid outlets for Heavy cables

Many fans of high end power cables end up with very heavy cables plugged into very tight outlets in less than new outlet boxes. Whatever your choices in outlets and cables are you may find that you already have loose or recessed outlet problem, or are worried about the tabs on the outlet and drywall not lasting for many insertion cycles.

If you’ve ever replaced an old outlet with a fresh hospital grade outlet and felt it get mushy or make crackling sounds (from the drywall breaking) when you tried to insert your fresh cable you know what I’m talking about, or if you have some outlets which are proud of the face and some which are recessed this post is for you.

Hubbell makes a wall plate called Flush-Fit ($8 for 3)which is available from Amazon or Lowe’s (probably others).

I also use these little plastic screw spacers in some situations, where the metal plates won’t fit or for plain old light switches and outlets where I’m not expecting heavy duty use or where I have multiple outlets / switches in a single box. They are surprisingly effective and available at almost any hardware store.

I’ve used both while re-doing all the outlets and switches in and out of my home. I can recommend them from personal experience. Also, they make your outlets and switches look fresh because of the clean flush-fit result.


@testpilot Oh yes!! I can’t tell you how many of those Hubbell 3 packs I bought in this 17 year old home. I wish I had learned about the plastic one’s earlier as they are more economical and very good for light switches and my "normal" outlets.

The wall plates make an outlet absolutely confidence-inspiring and I don't think I'd put a high end (i.e. TIGHT) outlet into a box without one, if only to reduce the wear and tear on the drywall.