Ripping CDs For Quality Sound

FYI gang, this written largely by a buddy of mine, just became available:
I got through the first page of the sample before I disagreed with one assertion that Apple Lossless files won't or may not hold embedded artwork when transferred and the recommendation to use AIFF when in fact everything I have previously read and my own personal experience is exactly the opposite. My own library is AIFF.

Then there are the bullet points in section two about using orange, aqua, or purple markers around the end of CDs. Exit stage left for me.
Only complaint I have with dbpoweramp is that the album covers that are displayed on my iPad during playback on my Bryston BPA-1/BDA-1 combo are not the ones I selected in dbpoweramp during ripping. Other than that, I think it's great software.
Rockyboy, I had the same problem till I did the following.
With dbpoweramp if you are choosing different cover art than they auto picked you have to delete all other art so there is only 1 picture you picked. It looks like only the 1st picture is saved.
i don't know if i read it on here or somewhere else, but i guess one of the people from EAC created Easy Audio Copy, or as i call it EzAC. i'm not big into ripping tons of cd's but this one is painfully easy to use. there is also a program to download along with it that allows you to tweak settings. i only lower the compression from their default because i'm not concerned with disk space. other than that it's a great app just pop a disc in and click twice :)