Riverside County, California

Hi Everyone,

All members and future members of S. Cal. Inland Empire Audio Society (IEAS). Our September 19th meeting has been moved up one week to the 26th due to a scheduling problem. It will run from 1:00PM to 5:00PM. Lunch will be served. This is going to be an incredible event!! Bring your favorite CDs and Vinyl LPs.

Jeff’s can be contacted through blissaudio on the goN!

Jeff Parks’ Agenda: I will have on hand the same pair of Ultrasone Edition 8 headphones Bob Levi just reviewed for www.positive-feedback.com (PFO). In addition, I will have on hand a pair of upgraded Ultrasone Edition 8 headphones by ALO along with the killer headphone amplifier by Amphora. In addition, I will also have a pair of Ultrasone HiF780 modified headphones by ALO. There will be two headphone set-ups, and two main rig set-ups—see below. Not to forget the wonderful vinyl extravaganza with two turntables, and two phono stages (tube based). I have a fully blown out VPI Aries II w.JMW 10.5I arm, all of the HRX goodies, Cardas Myrtle Heart Cartridge, In system number two: A fully up to date Thorens TD-321MKII w.TP-90 arm, and a Sumiko Blackbird cartridge. So, bring your vinyl. Also on hand will be a VPI 17F vacumme cleaning machine, so, bring a few dirty records if you want.

First reference system:

Source is: A VPI Aries II w/acrylic superplatter, JMW 10.5i arm, Cardas Myrtle Heart Cartridge, VPI SDS power supply, and a VPI rim drive motor, plus HRX platter ring and clamp.
Preamplifier is: EAR-Yoshino 868 w/phono stage.
Amplifier is: Ear-Yoshino 890—KT90 based.
Second source is: Electrocompaniet EMC-1 UP SE--CD Player.
Interconnects are: Cardas Golden Reference RCA and XLR where applicatable.
Speaker cables are: Cardas Golden Reference Bi-wire.
Equipment Stand is: Townshed Seismic Sink Stand.
Line Conditioner is: Isotek Sigmas II .
20 amp dedicated line.
Power Cables are: all Audience powerchord-e.
Accessories are: Townshed Seismic Sinks, Cable Elevators, Adonna turntable block, Billy Bags Amp Stand, Argent Room Lens, and RPG Sonoflex panels.

Speakers are: Aerial 7bs w/Sound Anchor Stands.

Second Reference system:

Source is: Thorens TN-321MKIII w/TP-90 arm and a Sumiko Blackbird Cartridge.
Preamplifier is: Either a Modified Anthem Pre2L SE+ by Chris Johnson or a Highly modified by Reference Audio Mods Marsh MSD-P2000t.
Amplifier is: A highly modified Anthem Amp-1 SE++ (EL-34based) by Chris Johnson or a pair of Anthem AMP-2SE Monoblocks (tube hybrid).
Second source is: A highly modified Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 SE++ (tube) HDCD CD Player or Arcam CD-37 SACD Player.
Phono Stage is: A highly modified Anthem PRE1P SE+ (tube) unit.
Interconnects are: Audience Au-24-e.
Speaker cables are: Audience Au-24-e biwire.
Equipment Stand is: Townshed Seismic Sink Stand
Line Conditioners are: Audience AdeptResponse AR-6t with a Audience Au-24 powerChord (just out!), or a Audience AdeptResponse AR-6 w/a powerchord-e.
Power Cords are: All are Audience powercChord-e unless otherwise specified.
20 amp dedicated line.
Accessories are: Bright Star Little and Big Rocks, Townshed Seismic sinks, Shun Mook Diamond Resonators, Omnicron Magic Dream Isolators, RPG sonoflex panels, and Argent Room Lens.

Speakers are Aerial 7Bs w/Sound Anchor Stands.

Here are the links just in case you are interested:

For the Amphora: http://www.aloaudio.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_4&products_id=218

For the Ultrasone Editon 8 headphones (modified): http://www.aloaudio.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_12&products_id=274

PLEASE RSVP by September 15th, so that I can send a guest list to our main gate. Attendance is limited to 20 people, so RSVP soon.

Take care all,

Jeff Parks