Rockin Speaker under $1000 used

I have a small room (12' x 12') and like Alt. rock but listen to a bit of everything. I want speakers that are dynamic, clear, powerful, and have bass. They should not be harsh or too IN-YOUR-FACE. Ill be driving the speakers with a Jolida 302B tube amp. I have IXOS Super Gamma 7 bi-wire and Audience Conductor interconnects.

So far I think im going to get Energy Connoisseur C-9's. If anyone knows of a speaker better than this that will go well with my tube amp please tell me. Thanks
JM Reynaud Trente have terrific bass and need just 20 -30 watts to fill that room. Very musical and robust. About $1200.00 used.
Your asking for a lot. The Jolida is not exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to high energy output to power big bass. Try used paradigms studio 100 for a cleanish speaker with heavy bass. I don't think they will have the high impedance that a bass heavy speaker inherently seems to lower when the music demands it. You may ultimately have to get a powered subwoofer which I don't love the sound of- and some monitors that the 302 would be a good match for. My own rock em sockem speakers that are supposed to match well with tubes are Heritage Klipsch La Scalas (less than $1,000) with 104db/w/m but I think they are going to be to bright up top for you. The seller of the 302 didn't help you pick out speakers of your preference?
You are going to have a lot of bass in that room, be carefull or you will have way to much. Bookshelf size speakers are easy to transport, can you find a couple of dealers that will let you take a few pairs home?

Sorry, you said mistake. I like soft-dome tweeters in small rooms like yours.