Rockport Grand Mira II

Just wanted to get your opinion regarding these speakers. Do they sound a lot better than the Mira or Ankaa? I read somewhere that the Grand Mira's bass does not integrate well with the rest of the drivers. Any comments? Thanks.
I don't know about the Mira Grand II, as I heard the original Mira Grand, but it sounded very, very good to my ears, as well as to a friend of mine when we auditioned them at a store in San Francisco. I thought that the sound was very seemless from top to bottom. Now with that being said, the bottom end was a bit light, as they only went down to 30 Hz, and did not extend down to 20 Hz, but that is faily common with a lot of speakers, (in fact, most speakers IMHO). (I should also point out that the room was fairly large. Given the sheer size of these speakers, I can imagine that in a smallish room, the sound might not be perfect, which might explain the comment that you heard about them not sounding that good.

If I would have had the money, I very well might have purchased them. (I did make an offer for the demo pair, which were on sale, but given my financial constraints, I could not offer what they thought they were worth.) You might also want to check out the WAF first, as they are rather large. (I know my wife would not have approved of them, although I was willing to risk the short term disapproval of them, (and me!), had the store accepted my offer!)

My two cents worth.
Mira Grand 2 offer a huge and natural image that Mira & Ankaa can't do.
Band with is also more important on Mira Grand 2 using the revelator tweeter

Mira Grand is a very impressive speaker in its price range. You just need some room and good electronics to be able to have the best from them.
I advice to look at electronics with wide bandwith and current: Gryphon, MBL, big Krell, Karan (someone on the Gon has a pair of M G 2 with Karan)
Mira Grand is a perfect balanced speaker and everything integrates whit everything perfectly!
Very smooth and very very tight and tunfull bass!