Rockport Lyra at Jays

I just wanted to relay some factors to everyone regarding Jays decision to sell his Lyras for those of you who didn’t spend 90 minutes listening first hand. 1) He did not sell them because they were “unacceptable”. He sold them because he got an almost immediate offer to buy them. There has never been an opportunity to buy a used Lyra and when one became available it sold. As Jay says it’s a business. It took months to sell his XVX. That itself is instructive. 2) He states clearly that he heard things through them that he had not heard previously with other speakers. He states that the bass was great and the looks/finish first rate. 3) Anyone who listens to big Wilson’s knows that the very tall tweeter height takes some getting used to. Jay stated that he knows this might not be accurate but he likes and misses it. To each his own. 4) He stated that his room has various problem areas (40hz suck out) and is highly damped. It’s also not level. For him he likes a very large speaker to compensate. Not sure how that works but ok. 5) Now for my subjective comments. I hope this is taken in the ways it is intended. I’ve only spoken to Jay a couple of times and bought and sold a few items with him. He’s always been nice personally and very efficient business wise. It’s clear he and I have very different Hi Fi  values and taste. That doesn’t make him a bad guy or some kind of barbarian. I’m totally into pristine set up. The way his listening room is constructed does not, in my opinion lend itself to critical evaluation. I want to be fooled into believing I am there/they are here. He wants BIG. So what right? He loves what he loves and I love what I love. I think we spend too much time judging other people’s interests and get too irritated when they won’t see things our way. Personally I would never listen to any golden eared famous reviewer unless I was absolutely sure that they were on the very same journey as I’m on. Jay is no exception. You got to give to him though- he’s got passion for this hobby and gets lots of people excited about it which is probably a good thing.

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