Rockport Sirius III & Micro Seiki 8000 comparison

Arrival of 4 Ears from Germany for Shootout in my Home. Rockport Sirius III Direct Drive Turntable with Linear Arm / Micro Seki 8000 in a unique version with an additional RX 3000 as an interia unit.
Some mods have to be done first, but the System is getting the right temperature......

checking Plate Current...

Rockport Sirius III turntable

with a Lyra

Olympos SL cartridge
connected to a modified Lamm LP2 with a special custom made SUT for it
and the Front End...

Lamm LL1 Preamp

Lamm ML3 Amps

.... now back to work ... more coming
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O.K., now you're just showing off! I can't wait to hear the results as I'm also an 8000 owner. Now how bout some pic's of the 8000 with the flywheels. Thanks and enjoy. You certainly have all the right toys.