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Linear Tracking Turntables - Best??
Trans-Fi Terminator! Forget the post and all the opinions, buy one and you will be very happy for a very long time. I've heard all the arguments for and against linear trackers and have owned a few but the Terminator got it's name for a reason. Hi... 
DVD-Audio Mint Condition Collection....
Clear Day Cables Speaker Cables
I'm glad to see someone else enjoying them as much as I do. I have owned them for 3 years and nothing I've compared them to come's close. They are by a long country mile the "best" deal in the history of audio. Nothing else I can think of can give... 
Rockport Sirius III & Micro Seiki 8000 comparison
O.K., now you're just showing off! I can't wait to hear the results as I'm also an 8000 owner. Now how bout some pic's of the 8000 with the flywheels. Thanks and enjoy. You certainly have all the right toys. 
Atma-Sphere MA-2 amplifier
Congratulations to the entire Atma-Sphere staff. The craftmanship is second to none and the newest 3.1 mods take these amps and pre-amps to "State of the Art" in every sense of the word. Compare these to anything but be prepared to purchase. Ralph... 
Pre Amp with top class phono stage?
Get the newer Atma-Sphere MKIII.1 pre, run your phono balanced and never ever, ever care about upgrading your phono again. Mind blowingly good pre-amp with the recent upgrades. This will be the one to beat. Good luck. 
Dan D'Agostino is back with a new line
New amps look similar to the Ayre"s? 
Bryston 28B SST
The first time I ever got what the SET group was raving about was when I inserted the 28B Squared into my system. I am a tube guy through and through but when I placed these in my system nothing had come close in the past. I own Soundlab A-1's whi... 
McIntosh MC402 - Best tube preamp?
Atma-Sphere MP-3. 
Norsost Thor vs. Running Springs Dmitri
FWIW, I preferred the Running Springs over the Thor on my main system (Audio only) but preferred the Thor for the video system. The Thor on video is hard to beat, too sterile for the main rig. Good luck. 
Best used floorstander on the FS forum under $2500
Stretch another $500.00 and buy the Coincedent's on auction. No affiliation just a smokin deal for someone. 
K&K Maxxed-out vs Aesthetix Rhea
I don't know what the differences are between the phono stages in an MP-3 vs MP-1 but in my MP-1 I would race it against anything out there at any price. This is especially true with Ralph's MKIII.1 updates. Really, really scary when you run your ... 
Atma Sphere deserves praise
Thank you Mmike84. I've been absolutely blown away by the newer updates. I tried to write a review but it never seems to express just how good these products really sound. The new pre-amp should be at the top of anyones list looking for the "Best ... 
Excellent affordable cables and interconnects.
I wasn't crazy about the ic's but the Clear Day Double Shotgun speaker cable will compete with anything on the market. I sound like a broken record but I still think it's by far the best deal in high end today. You can't go wrong with the return p... 
Dodd is to single ended as __ is to balanced.
Try the Atma-Sphere MP-3 or stretch for the MP-1, either way you'll have a first rate truly balanced pre. Good luck.