rockport technologies capella MK2

> I am a Japanese music lover.
> I use the capella MK2 of Rockport Technologies turntable and I'm very fond of it. What kind of oil should I use around the ruby of the axis?
What quantity of it should I put in?
> I look forward to the information soon.
> Thanks,
> Satoshi Nakamura
Tetsu, i will call Andy Payor of Rockport and leave him a message with your question. i probably won't hear back until Monday. when i hear i'll post it here.

btw, Congradulations on owning a Rockport.....i love mine!
Tetsu, i just spoke to Andy Payor.

he said to use 50 cps silicone on the bearing. you fill it so that when the bearing plunges into the well, the silicone doesn't come up above the large diameter of the well-shaft. the silicone should come up to within 4mm of the top of the largest diameter.

to clarify.....only put enough silicone into the well, so that when you lower the bearing into the well the silicone will be displaced to within 4mm of the top of the laregest diameter of the well.

good luck and happy listening.