Rogers EHF-200 MkII vs Rogers KWM-88 Corona

Curious about member experiences with these two amps and any relevant differences. Signal-wise, I understand that the Ehf-200 has a stepped attenuator volume control and runs an EF86, 12AX7 front-end while the Corona runs 6SN7, 6SJ7 and potentiometer. The latter have less gain.

Whereas the Ehf-200 looks to be a very purist design, the Corona has a digital interface and a little less stated power (though I question the accuracy of Rogers specs). I have only heard a Corona driving Sonner speakers at CAF and thought it was sensational. That said, I assume I would prefer the EHF-200 for it’s EF86 and stepped attenuator combo.
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I have not compared the two but after a month of the KWM-88 in house driving not the most effect speakers I’m thrilled (and the misses who cares nothing said it sounds great.) I came from a PrimLuma HP w/ 88’s and it’s a real step up.

I'd  guess either would be a big wow. Roger knows his stuff. 

Thanks for picking up this thread! I am so glad you are enjoying the KWM-88, as it was at the heart of one of my favorite systems at CAF 2019 (the last audio show I was able to visit) driving Sonner Audio Allegro Unums. I did eventually acquire an EHF-200, but its input transformer noise was a little much for my space in a near-midfield setup (and idled so high in class A for me to use the regenerator function on my PS Audio regenerator). The sound was also glorious, but the EF86s sounded different to me than I remembered the KWM 88's use of 6SN7s. Both lovely. Congrats on the new amp!