Rogue Magnum 120 question

There are many for sale,the price seems right. What do they sound like? Some say they run hot, is this true? Are they hard on tubes? I use Cremona Auditors.
This amp is the best deal on the planet. The sound is not typical tube with lush midrange and euphoric sound, if you want that there are many other tube amps will provide.
The sound is Fast Clean supierour bass outstanding DETAIL Lets you see into the recoding better then most tube amps.
Ive owned 4 pairs of monos and these I will never forget.
based on my last six months or so with a Zeus, I tend to mirror what Hiend2 said above. So far I've had to adjust bias on the tubes once and 0 signs of problems. I'd call their sound neutral, in a blind test you might guess that you were listening to very well executed solid state.
Anybody have any input on Zeus vs any of the otl's? The expressoion "well executed solid state" has me Confused.---Esp. for an amp with a zillion tubes. My interest is that I will be changing speakers and the rec. to drive is otl. --So I'm reading all I can to get some sort of base for what does what.
"The expressoion "well executed solid state" has me Confused"

Detailed, good bass control, no midrange emphasis, no added glare. Was what I intended it to mean. In any case, just one persons opinion.
Well I now own a zeus. Still sitting on the pallet in the front room. with the 120's I kept saying to myself I dont want to do anything to change the sound I have here. Well the 120's would run out of steam sometimes so I sold them,
Never was able to replace that sound I had. tryed 4 sets of Large 200 watt monos. Bye Bye to all of them. Now its time to enjoy the big brother to the 120's. Got a hell of a deal on this amp. Wife woulnt be all to happy if she saw the check i had to write for it.:)