Rogue Sphinx issue

Just picked up an older Sphinx integrated that, I was told, had a dead left channel.  Got around to hooking it up today and can't get anything out of it - neither channel seems to be working now.  I get a crackling out of the speakers if I remove the cables from the binding posts and there is a click inside the unit.  I assume the click is some type of protection circuit?  Just guessing of course.

I checked all of the fuses and the 2 signal tubes and they all seem to be fine.  Tubes are supposedly new.  Going to reach out to Rogue and my local tech but just thought I would pick the brains of the techies here. 

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!


You may have DC voltage on both outputs. The protection relays are cutting in to prevent frying your speakers! Your amp needs servicing by a competent tech.