Room size and Dunlavy SCIV/A

I'm seriously considering these and heard them today, really great speakers. I've read quite a bit about room size and placement with the Dunlavy's, so here's my question. My room is 20x17 with a ceiling that slopes from 7' to 14' but with a catch. The room is split in half with a 6" step up and a wrought iron railing that runs across it. As a result I can place speakers about 9.5' apart and 2' from the rear wall, and can adjust my listening spot to anywhere between 9 and 11 feet back from the speakers with some room behind me still. I can't place them on the other longer wall as room layout and use make it impossible. They also have to be on the side that is on the low end of the sloped ceiling. I have treated first reflections and the walls behind the speaker placements. I think I'm okay with this size, but wanted to get some other thoughts on what the dynamic of this room with the Dunlavy's might be.

The room causes me no real issues with my current speakers. Thanks.
The lower ceiling height may actually help low frequency reinforcement and isn't a problem with the Dunlavy's controlled vertical dispersion. The width mentioned may be a bit on the narrow side at 9.5' apart, but it should work okay so long as you can vary your listening position. At this distance though, you'll probably end up using minimal ( if any ) toe-in.

The only real point of concern would be how close the speakers would be to the side-wall, or at least the one speaker that isn't by the step / railing. These speakers are designed with a wide horizontal dispersion pattern, so side-wall reflections would be a real concern. The space available behind the speakers may / may not be a problem depending on some of the other bass related room loading characteristics.

Before jumping on these, do some reading concerning some of the "tricks" that i and a few others have mentioned pertaining to getting better and more consistent low frequency response out of these speakers. There's plenty in the archives about Dunlavy's, so between the responses that you get to this thread and what you can find there, i'm sure that you'll have enough food for thought : ) Sean
I like the way they sound too, quite a bit. Presently I'm using Vmps RM 40's, which are large, in a 12x17 room. The room is LEDE(live end dead end) with bass traps and although the speakers are large the sound is wonderful. Best I've heard. If I were you I'd try it. You have alot to gain as those are truly good speakers especially for the money. Nobody can say for sure but I have little doubt they will work out. You may need some more room treatment and deal with speaker position but no more so than any other large speaker. Good Luck