Roon 1.2 SQ Differences And Helpful Info. Etc.

I updated to Roon 1.2 and was doing some serious listening and it sounds very different. Much more of everything I would want in SQ. I am getting some fatigue with the highs that were not there before in my system.

I am not much into the tech part of computers and prefer the KISS method. It seems I should have done a Roon database backup as should everyone periodically.

Also any info anyone can share about settings you are using or how your system are configured to get the best SQ would be helpful. It looks like Roon is just scratching the surface of what is possible now and may be in the future.

Hello bg1968

I use a MacMini as a Roon server. I have used iTunes for years to add and maintain my library. I simply set Roon to "Watch" at my iTunes library and everything appears in Roon. I don't recommend using the Roon "Organized" setting to maintain your library; it has it's own way to grouping files and folders may not be what you're used to. 

What's nice about Roon is that by watching my library, it doesn't change anything. I could de-install Roon tomorrow and my library would be intact.

The Roon database should be backed up if you've used Roon to straighten out certain tracks/albums/boxed sets that didn't appear correctly in Roon. It DOES NOT back up your audio library of music. It simply backs up the changes you have directed it to make on how your library albums/tracks appear in Roon.

I've been using a trial of HQ Player with Roon for a couple of days. It upsamples the resolution and often improves the harshness/glare of some recordings. You mentioned a fatiguing sound and this is how I perceive the glare. However, HQ Player is not KISS so maybe another alternative way to upsample those recordings would help reduce the fatiguing issues.

Love Roon. Have used it for about a year. There's no risk to trying it. If you set it to "Watch" your library, it changes/alters none of your audio data. The customer support via the Roon Community Forum is exceptionally speedy and friendly. A very good vibe.

Finally, besides the power of Roon to show and play your music in incredibly new ways, couple it with Tidal and find out what having a library of 40 million tracks will do to your listening experience. 

Then there's the whole remote/whole house aspect of the software. Listen to your music in every room with a hifi. Or listen to different music in every room with a hifi at the same time. 

I am thoroughly enjoying this incredible bargain of software.