Roon Nucleus Question?

Considering the Nucleus. Can the Roon software and Nucleus be displayed on my Sony 85” TV? 
The Nucleus does not have a video out.
Thank you!
If your Sony TV is on the same network and allows for the Roon App [Android version(???)] to be fully loaded, then I believe so.

Best to ask in the Roon Community.

A significant question is why not view / control Roon (Roon Remote) via your phone or a tablet or a computer? If the App loads on the Sony TV controlling it via the TV's remote (or equivalent) will be clunky.
David thank you very much. Yes the Sony TV is on my network. As to the TV downloading the Roon app I will look into tomorrow. Thank you again!
The Roon app runs on Android devices, the ability to run Roon on a TV even one that is using an Android based operating system is doubtful.

The easy thing to do would be to try to down load the app from the Android Store, if it runs good to go.

We don't think it will work but that would be how you would test it. 

You can try to download the app to a Fire TV or Android TV based devices by using the Downloader app.

Most people run Roon on their phones or on an Ipad the display on the TV would look cool but be of little use as to control the Roon device you would still need to use an IOS or Android device.

Another option would be to purchase a NUC computer with an HDMI output and connect that to the TV to act as a Roon remote.

We would also recommend that you look at the Innuous servers whiich sound better, we also think they are far superior in terms off the higher quality hardware that Innuous uses.

Dave and Troy
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Unless your TV support apple or android apps, I don’t think it will work. I am not familiar with a TV that does though the Sony TV I had is several years old and currently have Samsung’s.

A big part of Roon functionality is being able to search which would be painful with a traditional remote.

Best to just run it via an apple or android device. I have been extremely happy with the Nucleus+. I find it stable and did hear an audible improvement when I moved from a PC running Roon server too the Nucleus. My hunch is it was moving from a wireless to wired connection. Though.
Everyone many thanks! I asked the question since I saw Roon’s CEO demonstrating Roon through a large flat panel TV to an audience. I’m guessing the TV was a display for a possible laptop.

I use Kaleidescape for all of my DVDs. It is a very fun GUI on my Sony TV. I’m tired of handling CDs so I was hoping for a similar solution. Looks like a IPAD is the solution.
Many thanks again,