Roon vs OS and Native Players - Impact on SQ?

My conclusion / assumption is these designers maximized (or maybe "tuned / shaped") their native players to get best sound versus doing a pass through of the Roon player. 

@buickwilson posted the above statement in the following thread, which I’ve been wondering about for a while. There’s been countless posts from Innuos members stating that their streaming experience is better through the Innuos Sense App in comparison to Roon. I also found this to be true with BluOS in comparison to Roon and Tidal Connect (and naturally Spotify Connect).

I now run Roon through an OpticalRendu via the Sonic Orbiter OS which does not have a native player. As a Roon user I’m wondering:

A. Have other Roon users experienced an uptick in sound quality when they’ve completely stepped away from Innuos or BluOS native players (and others) while using Roon on an OS that does not have a native player - like Sonic Orbiter for example?

B. As a Roon user, how much of a bottleneck are we talking about in terms of diminished SQ when comparing Roon to Aurender, Lumin, and Innuos native players?

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@jacobsdad2000 I haven’t experienced the Innuos Sense UI, but I hear it rivals Roon which says quite a lot IMO. The stickler for me is that you’re somewhat “trapped” in that ecosystem as the UI and playlists can’t naturally be  transferred to another manufacturer outside of Innuos. This is where Roon’s value presented itself to me - during a recent transition from one streamer to another streamer. I didn’t have to learn a new UI or transfer (or re-create) any playlists. I was up and going within minutes. I found that extremely convenient, and dare I say, comforting. 

OP you can use Roon with Innuos. I found the sound quality very flat in the Roon environment and having a very revealing DAC and being on a fiber network It was very evident the lack of quality in the Roon ecosystem. I can only think of another UI that I would switch back to and that would be the Simaudio Mind2 player and OS. 

@jacobsdad2000  thank you for that. Totally agree/understand - and soon users of Aurender may be able to use Roon as well. And I think that was the theme I was trying to communicate - Roon and its users’ playlists, album tags, and history being able to transfer from one Roon Ready streamer to another Roon Ready streamer whereas I wouldn’t be able to with Innuos Sense and it apply to an Aurender model (for example).

Your experience in SQ between Roon vs the Innuos native player seems common amongst Innuos users. From what I gather from previous responses, Roon’s SQ isn’t impacted by whether or not there’s a native player available, but instead how Roon is interacting with the streamer’s hardware, with differences in SQ being more pronounced by very good implementation - like that of Innuos Sense -  of native streamers. And because of this, the delta of difference of Roon’s SQ on various Roon Ready streamers could vary (presuming on my part).

I found the sound quality very flat in the Roon environment and having ....

Dont mean much without knowing  the set up details....

Roon is actually hard wired into the Wadax Reference Server operating system.

Wadax was an early adapter to Roon and there are custom Wadax Roon Extensions. very happy how Roon has worked and performed these last 2 years with Wadax.