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Streamers made in America?
+1 on the Bryston.  I been running a little pi unit for years and it sounds great for what it is.  Makes a really good ROON endpoint as well.   
DAC vs Music Server
@ricred1 Do plan on running the ROON core on it and then implementing one of the endpoint options?  
Please be gentle with me! 🙏
@alan60 All I will say now is thank god your son is into audio! We need more young people, assuming your son is young of course. Synonnymous?: "Thank god your son has developed an addiction at an early age"  
Seeking Honest Opinions: Your Experience with McIntosh Audio Gear
I have Never owned a Mac piece or Moon.  But I have purchased several other lower end pieces from my local dealer over the last 15 years and they deal on both Mac and Moon as well as other, But their high end rigs are based around these 2 platform... 
Please be gentle with me! 🙏
Some good older used DAC around on usaudiomart and tmr for little  < $400 for a next phase. Wadia 121,Benchmark Dac1,TEAC 501, Moon D-DAC  
Please be gentle with me! 🙏
  Lots a accolades for the BS unit.  But I agree with @mahler123 the improvement potential is a crapshoot.  
Please be gentle with me! 🙏
Couple things to toy with: The LEAK has a ES9038Q2M DAC chip and from the reviews they payed close attention to the implementation. I would bet they they are upsampling the source stream. What is his service? Looks like the LEAK also has blue too... 
BHK 250
Only thing I am sure about is if you every wanted one of those amps it appears now is the time.   
on the cheap
Used Gen1 Sonos players can be found all over craigslist for cheap. You can also explore a Blue Tooth dongle to hang off the receiver/integrated. like this  
Floorstanding speaker experiences/recommendations in the $12-25k range
I was buzzing through the the RMAF years ago listening to a bunch of setups.  After the show I kept thinking the most impressive system I heard was and Octave Dynaudio Tower setup.  Dont even remember the models but of all the gear I heard that wa... 
DAC suggestion for PC
Not a bunch of help with this but I have friend who I steered to CXA81 and streams The Spotify via an iPAD. He also picked up the CXC for spinning CDs. We refurbed a pair of B&W 603 for him. He is not a critical listener but he has been please... 
Finally upgrading my amp
Not necessarily,  You could get good use separates for  that $2.5K Rogue RP-1 ~$1K. PS Audio S300 or parasound a23 power amp can be had for around $1.5K   
Looking for Sub to pair with Dynaudio Confidence 20s
As always try to get an audition.  I think SVS has some kind of trial offer? I have one larger sub but always wonder if I should have gone with 2 smaller ones.   
Building your music digital music collection
I got a modest offline library just to rip CDs that I had already owned and from the library.  Otherwise like others have said: Paying $150 a year to have access to millions of tracks is the only way to go.   
To Focal or not to Focal
With the Release of the new Evo line there are good deals to be had in the Aria line especially on the used market.  Pair 948s on here for around $2.5K and the 936 and 926 for even less.