Roseville California

Anyone in the Roseville area that loves music like I do? When I talk to most of my friends about my system I get that ( Deer in the headlights ) look. Its all cool until I say something like Soundstage or 16bit 48hz. And then when I tell them what I paid for some of my components I can see that ( your an idiot ) look. My system is pretty much complete, I now am on the lookout for audiofile recordings. You can see my system in virtual systems under MY FIRST ATTEMPT AT HOME THEATER AND HIFI. ANYONE THERE?
Thanks Mike Newman
Hi Mike,

I'm in Roseville, and would be happy to talk audio with you. As a guy who has gotten that "look" more than once, I know that having a group of friends who get it is important. Anyway, I've met some good people on Audiogon, several of whom I am glad to say are now my friends.

You're welcome anytime for a listen and to talk audio.

Hi Doug thanks for responding. I thought I was all alone out here. I see by your pics you have very interesting speakers. I also interested in your tube amp. I purchased an inexpensive tube amp to try the sound but was not very imprest with my purchase. Maybe I need better tubes or something. Sorry it took so long to get back I have been very busy at work.
Good to hear from you, Mike. Yeah, I'm a tube guy and I've been on the high eff low power kick for a couple of years now. You're welcome to come by and listen, pop me an email privately. Like I said, there's a few of us that loosely have a thing going in Sac/Rsvl. Not all of us are tubies--some have digital and solid state. You're welcome to come next time we get together.

Hi, I live in Newcastle and have been into audio since a kid. My music taste is mostly jazz. I have McIntosh tube and solid state McIntosh in my theater. Would enjoy having someone to share our hobby with. I also get weird looks when I talk about equipment or vinyl.
Jerry Woldhagen
Hi Jerry, I looked at your system pictures. I am interested in hearing your McIntosh gear. Do you have a vinyl setup now? I would love to hear a nice analog system.
Jerry, I still get weird looks... As I mentioned above, we have a small group that gets together sporadically to talk audio, listen, have a drink and share our hobby. Drop me a line if you'd like to join us sometime.

Mike, the offer still stands--our group hasn't met as frequently, but we're still into the hobby and we'll be meeting within the next month or so I'd guess.

Hey you hillbillies us flatlanders are just a choke commute away..... but that is only during rush hours. I have my Scintillas running as good as I care to for now. But as my bud Doug will say, there never is an end to this madness. I know I have some catching up to do in Rosevil. Doug has two sets of speakers now, and some new mother whatevers.
It would be great to hear your system sometime. If you ever have a get together let me know. Thanks, for the reply.
Jerry Woldhagen 530 888-9003
Jerry, it would be my pleasure to have you as my guest. I will give you a call.