Rotel RMB 1095 - no 12 volt trigger

I have a rotel rsp 1066 and rmb 1095. Any way to connect so that the amp will come on when the preamp is turned on?

If the preamp has switched AC out connector. You can plug amp's power cord into it and leave amp's swith 'ON' all the time.
Please make sure that the draw of the amp does not blow out the back of the pre, those outlets usually are for cd players or tuners and not amps.
Rotel 1066 has no 115V outlet, either switched or unswitched. It just provides a 12 VDC signal when it is turned on, and this 12 VDC is what Rotel amps need to turn on.

I needed just one low amperage switched 115VAC outlet to control my Adcom power conditioner/sequencer, and here is what I did. I bought a relay at Radio Shack (12 VDC control and 115VAC contacts) and I installed it in the Adcom power conditioner, switching on/off the normally unswitched outlet of the Adcom unit. Then I plugged the Adcom 115 VAC control line into this outlet.

If you don't have a power conditioner/sequencer you could just put the relay in a standard electrical wiring box connected to an outlet mounted on the box and fed by a heavy duty line cord. Of course you could also install the relay in your power amplifier.

The whole thing will cost about $15, with the line cord being the most expensive item.
A device like the Panamax Max 5100 has its own dc trigger input which will then turn-on a poweramp connected to one of it's switched high current outlets. The down side is that its going to set you back a few more bucks.
Niles Audio makes a power sensing switch that turns on an outlet when something plugged into it is turned on. You can get it with a video sensing input or power sensing.