Rotel RSX 1055 RR 1050 : OSD not working

I have a Rotel RSX-1055 with RR-1050 remote.
I have connected the MONITOR OUT Composite on the RSX 1055 to an input on my TV (Philips Magnavox, 1997).
I am not able to view the On-Screen display on pressing the Menu button or by pressing the "Enter" button when the unit powers up.
Has anybody run into this problem or has any suggestions to resolve this?
Are you using the progressive scan inputs on the TV for the DVD player? if so the processor's on screen display will not work in most cases. You will have to use the input that the processor's composite outputs are connected to on the TV.

I have had simmilar experience with my 1055, the OSD works intermitantly when I disconnect everything and reconnect with composite connections only. Once I exit though, it won't come back. I'd be very interesting in whatever you come up with concerning this problem. I will try again using Rwwear's suggestion, though I'm pretty sure it was connected properly.
The solution suggested by the Rotel tech rep was to select "AUD" in the remote and then click "OSD". This worked in my case but I am left wondering about the strange way to get to the On-Screen display and why this wasn't documented in the RR-1050 or RSX-1055 manuals...
Thanks, I'll give it a try. I also wonder why they give you a 1050 remote but the manual refers to the 969, which has a different layout. I still don't know what the "Freq" button does as its not covered in either the 1055 manual or the 1050 manual available on-line on the Rotel site.
The RSX1055 never shipped with the 1050.
There's related info to all your questions in the upgrade/support section on Rotel's website.