rouge 66 pre amp magnum upgrade is it worthwile

my pre amp is at rouge getting repaired and i am thinking
about doing the magnum upgrade is any body who did it to there 66 , is there a night and day diferences please
let me know before i lay out $250 bucks

thanks mike daro
Daro, you will like it , also have Mark sell you some NOS for the line Stage and some 7308 for the phono. Greg
What are the differences in sound between the stock and Magnum versions Drumsgreg?
Bradz, it sounded better over the whole range, from the bass to the top end sound much better. it did sound a little faster or dynamic than before. The Innersound will let you hear all the is to hear from any thing you do to your system, and the second I got the unit back the from Mark it sound better than before, the bass was much better than before, also I change the two line stage tubes to E80cc from the 12au7`s that it used before . if you try these tubes call Mark before you change them, but I will tell you this I will Never use a 12au7 in it again, the E80cc was that much better still and made the 66 another pre-amp. with the changes I believe I`m much closer to a stock 99 than anyone would like to admit too.The Magnum is worth the money . Greg
Dear Mike:

I'm guessing by reading the responces you received that by now you may have already decided to do the Magnum upgrade. I thought I'd throw my $.02 in, in case you're still on the fence. I suspect that if you go for the upgrade, when you get your pre-amp back you'll be wondering why anybody would buy a standard version when the Magnum is only another $250! The differences are not subtle. The Magnum adds more weight and clarity to the bass. Images come from a quiter, blacker background which lends to greater apparent detail. In addition, the unit IS more detailed, less vailed and has greater snap. It is also faster and more dynamic, more liquid through the midrange and exhibits better decay. Overall it is more lively and more engaging. If you really want to get your sox knocked off, put it on a set of Walker Audio Valid Points with a couple of the sets lead discs on top. This will magnify the improvements 2 or 3 fold! If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Mike ,I agree with Mario all the way, but you should try the tubes I`ve talked about , its even better still. Greg