rowland concentra

I have a chance to buy an older concentra. It will need phono and I don't know if there are other upgrades. Does anybody out there know anything about this integrated and whether it's too risky to buy an old unit?
Get the serial number and call or email Jeff Rowland Design Group to find out what upgrades are available and what they cost. I think the phono board can be added at the factory.

I don't think that there is any real risk if it works and the price is right. I wouldn't worry about reliability; Rowland stuff is pretty bulletproof.
I own the Rowland Concentra and it is an outstanding amplifier. Please call Jeff Rolland Design Group and ask them for info on the phono board installation. They may have a Concentra II upgrade but I do not know if it is available yet. cheers........
just fyi, rowland decided not to offer the concentra II upgrade for the concentra I because it would have been too expensive (>$3000). they told me this over the phone not too long ago when i was still considering an SS integrated.
Since the introduction of the II, the used price ($3,000 - 3,500) of the original Concentra makes it quite a bargain. The phono board is very good, but not outstanding. I previously had a Pass Ono which I thought was slightly better (primarily less noise). I've had the original Concentra for about a year and find it to be an outstanding product.

I'm told that there are some sonic differences between the models. While I've never auditioned the II, I've read that some prefer the slightly richer sound of the original.