Rowland Model 10 vs Classe CA-2200

I am very happy with my Rowland Model 10 amp but recently changed out my older Rowland preamp with a Classe CP-65. I am very impressed with its performance and am curious what I may expect if I were to migrate from the Rowland to a Classe amp. Anyone have experience with these two amps?

I previously owned a Classe CAP-2100 integrated which is from the Delta series, hence the same house sound. The little integrated had a stable psu which doubles down @ 4 ohms and high current, though it struggled to drive my Infinity Renaissance 90’s, which to be fair are a very demanding load. The CA-2200 however is a different kettle of fish & was a popular choice to pair with the Ren 90’s. That makes sense as the amp in reasonably fast, has wide bandwidth, a high damping factor (over 1000) & also doubles down @ 4 ohms. You can read about one Infinity owner’s journey here -

Classe, like most Canadian amps has that typical clean, crisp, smooth, even handed sound. The CAP-2100 sounded transparent and neutral in tonal balance. Build quality is excellent. The CA-2200 was $5k msrp way back when, so you can’t expect Vitus or Soulution sound for that. But it punched well above it’s weight for the doh. So if you can find a good one or two owner example in good shape, you wont be disappointed. It is a widely reviewed product, so i’d recommend reading the reviews which should give you a good sense about about the amp. If I had to pick one negative, I’d say the confusing menu which isn’t particularly intuitive or user-friendly. But that can be easily forgiven.