Rowland Model 6 and 201 in HT Set Up

I have a pair of BPS Model 6's driving Salons.I want to tonally match the center Voice and wondered if a 201 would be a good tonal fit. The chances of finding a single model 6 I think is slim to none. Appreciate any other thoughts.

Also looking for some speaker and IC cable suggestions that won't completely break the bank for left right and center. Lesser for rears and sides but in same family.I think you see where I am going.

Thank you all in advance.

If you are talking about the Revel Voice I believe it is bi-wireable.
Just buy a Rowland Model 2 and use it on the center channel. There's one on Audiogon right now.
I use IXOSS speaker cable with my Pass & Rowland amps.
I like it very much.
Thank you for the suggestion I am now the proud owner of a model 2.
Anybody else out there with some cabling suggestions? I was thing wireworld equinox and silver eclipse 6 combo.
Does anyone have those working with Salons?
I ran Model 6's with Salons and had great success with Kimber Select 3033. I also ran them with 3038, but the improvement was negligible.

Assuming the voltage sensitivity of the Voice is the same as the Salons, I would inquire about having your Model 2 rewired for mono (i.e., convert it to a Model 6). I'm not certain that this can still be done, however.

I would leave the Model 2 stock.
This amp puts out (2x)150 watts per channel into 4 ohms,
for a total of 300 watts to your center channel.
A Model 6 puts out 250 watts into 4 ohms.
This is also why a BPS-2 has more amp hours of battery storage than a BPS-6.
Yes will Bi amp should be a nice upgrade.
Any more thoughts on cables ?
Thank you all so far for input.