Rowland Model 7 s -- what are they worth?

So, a friend of mine has a pair of Jeff Rowland Model 7 power amps for sale that are cosmetically and functionally in great condition. You can check out the specs here -- and pic here -- (he's got black front panels vs. gold)

These amps are ¬10yrs old and sold for $10k+ back in the day. Some years ago he upgraded his system and they've been effectively collecting dust in his attic.


- Are they any sites where retail pricing on audio equipment like this can be obtained?
- How would you value these amps in today's dollars? What would you pay?

He's looking to get $2500 for the pair, which could be a fair price, assuming their current condition, however, I have no clue is this is a reasonable price or not.

Any pointers or tips would be welcome!

There is the Audiogon blue book, or the Orion Blue Book.
Some other mitigating factors in re-sale besides physical and electrical condition are the availibilty of original shipping boxes (or crates) and manual. Good luck.
That sounds like a good price. BUT... for anything in excess of few years old you just never know what will go wrong and when. With big amps like these there are expensive electrolytic Capacitors. They usually last at least 15+ years but they will need to be looked at . That could easily impact the length of useful service. That said I would buy them if I had the money.
Thanks for the tips and pointers!

Talking with my buddy further I'm told that he sent these amps back to Rowland recently (in the last year) where they've been checked out and qualified to be in mint condition.

The amps come in with their original shipping boxes/containers -- also appear to be in good shape.

I'm planning on using these amps to drive a pair of B&W N802's, which I've been told is a great match given how power hungry these speakers can be.

At $2.5k -- perhaps this is a pretty good deal after all.

Thanks again for all the feedback and info.