Rudeness With 'net Sales

I have decided to go back to dealing with dealers I know, or can meet face to face. I have grown sick of the rudeness of sellers, in particular, and occasionally buyers when transacting over the internet. One part of me wonders if I am cutting my nose to spite my face, so to speak. But I find a pleasantly transacted deal has an effect on my enjoyment of this hobby and maybe even causes me to feel better about the equipment acquired. I am interested in how others have fared with internet transactions in this regard.

This post is probably an over-reaction to a recent discourse with two dealers on the internet whose primary focus in their correspondence in reply to my enquiries was about the consequences of me failing to meet my side of the bargain - stated so indelicately by both as to seem more like an accusation. My reaction to both was to tell them I had no interest in entering into a contract with someone who clearly was going to be unpleasant to deal with. As it happens both are connected with this site (but I will not name them).
Red: I recently had to phone a net dealer as my transaction wouldn't go through online. Now I have done transaction online and have no real complaints (except extra charges) but this time I called the dealer with my credit card. We had a really good conversation and it just seemed to be a more pleasant way to do business. There is a certain comfort in being able to talk to the person and establish a rapport. I think if you punch a bunch of buttons and the item doesn't arrive on time you tend to get nervous quicker. I have also noticed that seasoned Audiogon sellers and buyers prefer to talk on the phone to their counterparts. After my last experience I'm going to spend the long distance charges first and get a sense as to whether I'm dealing with a straight shooter. Thanks to Gene at Take Five Audio. Regards,
I've been lucky with all my Ebay purchases and the two cases
in which I was the seller and never spoke with the buyer first or ever. In those cases they sent the monies first, so what did I care? I agree I prefer to speak with someone I have never met before, especially if I'm at risk in the transaction. ALL of my purchases with dealers have gone more than smooth, though none of them were "Net Dealers". Guess I've been lucky. MikE
I guess the potential is ever-present. Many inquiries (for me) are more about information, a review, sometimes combined with a low ball offer!- Yup,I get irritated;I some times take it out on the source;where it belongs.

I did a transaction;spent 2 hrs. on the phone-describing, etc, / it went bad(nsf-personal check, for a postal cod) So, it doesn't always go as planed; phone conversation or not.

I spent 45 min on the phone(yup,I always seem to pay for the call). At the 44 min. mark; he tells me doesn't have the $$$ ; wants me to take a "junker" as part trade.--- I wasn't to nice to him;you can be sure.
The good one's outnumber the bad one's I think. My last two deals have been outstanding. If you find a bad dealer who can't handle the inquiries then do what you did and move on. I'm not saying it's not ok to take a pot-shot at em when your walkin out the door, it's just that it takes too much energy to get upset over stuff like this. The good one's are out there, find them and stick with them. See the recent thread on good dealers for some ideas, but don't let the two pricks in this world spoil the whole thing for you--buying and selling on the net is fun.
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