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which Holly Cole?
1. Don't Smoke in Bed2. Temptation (songs of Tom Waits)3. Dark Dear Heart 
Thinking about buying a Canadian Thorens Turntable
Charles, everything should be ok. Since that table was built many of the States now buy Canadian electricity. 
looking for the right integrated
Like a pro 
vibrapod residue
Well put Kelly but kinda expensive. Heard they work best under the Rockport turntable. 
looking for the right integrated
With a sensitivity of 86 db of your speakers I would be very careful in finding the right amp. Tubes might not be the best idea. Maybe you should e-mail Joseph and find out what they use and how much minimum power they recommend. Best of luck. 
vibrapod residue
Kelly before you get any bright ideas I would avoid using them under spikes. The heightening of the noise floor might become unbearable. 
Best and Worst Product Names
Over the top samcard. Space tech is making some of the best tubed equipment I've heard for a fraction of the cost of the bigger names. Your beef with Kubla could cost the owner of this small business. I suggest you pick your battles and leave Spac... 
Sakura Systems OTA Cable Kit
Whatever you do don't flog yourself with the cables, something to do with the dialectric. How is the sound now? 
New category for trades?
Good idea but how are you going protect traders from the possibility of getting scammed like we have seen recently? 
How to kill 2 birds with 1 stone
Professional Monitor Company. They have all ranges of speakers and some are designed for exactly that purpose. I have their little monitors and can't say enough about them. 
How many would be surprised?
Dekay and anyone else interested, the recipe for the silver cables can be found at www.soundstage.com/synergize/synergize021998.htmRegards, 
Music that You Have JUST BOUGHT, and can
and can what Stereokarter? 
How many would be surprised?
No, but if I recall it was a DIY project from audioasylum. I remember when we compared these with HT's products it was very close and when we honed in on the bass the resolution was better with the silver and the HT was bloated. The true test came... 
How many would be surprised?
I'm not sure Dekay. It was wire that was purchased from a jeweler in bulk. It is very thin and the interconnect has only two strands. Drop me a line and I'll get the info from the person that put them together for me. 
How many would be surprised?
I have home made silver interconnects and digital cable "taped" over. These are just very thin wires. These cables were so much better than the stuff from Harmonic Tech in my system. There is another thread going about the size of the Sakura OTA. ...