Running multiple wireless headphones?

 I am interested in having the ability to run multiple headphones at once via wireless . My ht room is next to my 2 yr old daughters bedroom,and 2 15" subs and the surround is just to much when she is sleeping.I was hoping that when my wife and I are watching a movie after she goes to bed on the 120" we could just wireless to my pioneer elite and run two headphones or more simultanoeusly ...
I heard brookstone ,and best buy have some options,but i was hoping for something a little higher end.Under a grand for 2 sets... thoughts ???
I saw some sienhausers r120 i think (Rf)
I was told that Bluetooth will not work . The bluetooth on units are for syncing devices differently on recievers , that some type of transmitter needs to be used . I don’t know thats why I’m asking .Also multiple headphone sets usually work on rf instead from what ive read .. i looked at the p7 and p5 also the bose 35 .I cannot find if these can be run together or not .
thanks for responding theatre isnt really my thing . I have a separate 2:2 room
This seems to be an interesting site for headphone 🎧 enthusiasts..
my use is just a way to watch the big screen latenight