SACD/Cayin SCD-50T Question

I am new to SACD players in general and to this new Cayin in particular, just having purchased it direct from China.

The player's disc motor seems a bit more loud than the CD player's motors that I am used to. Seems to work fine and I really like the sound on CDs (no SACDs yet in my collection), but it sounds a bit like a high speed DVD-ROM, especially when spinning up the CD to read its TOC. Very fast reading (compared to what I saw in a store from another player), and the noise level settles down to a low level "woosh", not audible from a couple of feet away.

This player uses the last generation of the Sony mechanism. Is this level of noise normal for SACD players in general, or is it an indication of some problem ?

Any comments appreciated.
Mine makes a spinning noise but it you have get your ear near it to pick it up. It only happens when I put in a disc and it begins to read. If you asked whether I considered the mechanism to be quiet, I would have said yes. The noise level is that low. The drawer as it opens and closes is the quietest I think I've ever heard.